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New Building

New Building has been added on the existing company site. The address is 176 Evropa Blvd. (Sofia-Belgrade highway). It is located approximately one kilometre after the Sofia Ring Road, close to METRO Supermarket and "BONJUR" motel, and right across from TECHNOMARKET.

The international highway Sofia - Belgrade is the main route of the Pan-European Transport Corridor No.10, and is a branch of Transport Corridor No.4.


  :: "PIL-2000" manufacturing department

The building has a total area of 1770 m2, 1200 m2 of which is manufacturing, and the rest is administration.

The building is built to the latest contemporary and ergonomic standards and regulations. It has own transformer station (20 kV to 220/380 V), heating and air conditioning, security and fire-extinguishing system, parking lot, and many more unique features. 

The building is legalized as a manufacturing enterprise.

The building became operational in the first quarter of year 2004.



+359 2/ 925 99 36
+359 2/ 925 99 35
+359 2/ 925 06 84
+359 2/ 925 00 67
+359 2/ 925 99 36


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General Information, Sales and Customer Support:

On the map to the right, the new building is marked with red arrow.


1331 Sofia,
176 "Evropa" blvd.



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