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This is where you will find information regarding our latest products, services, and events.
If you visited our Web site before, and want to know what is new, this is the right place to be.


:: New products and services


  :: ISO 9001 : 2000 Certificate:


Quality management system: Colorita 51 Ltd. has established and applies a quality management system for development, manufacture and repair of assemblies and details for machine-building and motor industry.


  :: New building:


New manufacturing and administrative building: the place to find the latest information about the construction of our new building. The new building became operational during the first quarter of year 2004. For more information go to New Building link.


  :: For foreign investors:


Joint activities: as an established and well-known Bulgarian company, and in order to expand our product range and explore new markets, we will willingly consider an offer for cooperation from an established foreign partner. Some forms of cooperation are:
    - Contractual relationship manufacturing to order (client supplied material).
    - Joint manufacturing and trade activities.
    - Joint Venture.


For more information contact our foreign-trade representative:
       Ivan Mladenov
       tel.:  +359 2 8289528
       fax:  +359 2 9290053 
       mobil:  +359 889 240240


  :: Stand testing of:


Pneumatic elements: Trailer control valve, release valve, steering gear pneumatic amplifier, air spring valve, hand brake valve, relay-type valve, prime mover brake valve, air compressor, double brake cylinder, pneumatic cylinder, motor brake jack, etc.


Hydraulic elements: water pump, fuel injection pump, hydraulic pump, lubricating oil pump, clutch booster, pressure cylinder for clutch actuation, fuel feed pump, etc.


  :: Dynamic balance:

Cardan shafts for
all types of vehicles:


Heavy-freight Trailers




Electro-powered Vehicles


Railway (Freight) Cars


Building machinery and equipment


Agricultural machinery


Construction machinery, etc


Fan pulley
Clutch disks
Flywheels up to 25 kg.


Development stage:


Balancing Crankshaft.


Balancing Rotor Shaft.


Balancing of parts longer than 3500 mm.


Balancing of parts up to 100 kg in weight.




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